For many, the best experiences are having meetings or parties with friends and family. When photographing for our personal satisfaction or those of our loved ones, it is very easy to capture the perfect scenes: the funny dance movements of the uncle, the grandfather falling asleep at the table or our friends doing absurd poses … It does not take much effort to photograph at these types of events. However, when it comes to work, things tend to get a little more complicated: photographing at social events can become stressful work.

Where do we start to photograph at social events?

Those who have been hired by clients to photograph at social events or are dedicated to this will know better than anyone what I mean: being in a meeting, unable to relax and having to be aware of a thousand things at once only to finally deliver to the client the best moments. On this occasion, I am going to give you some key tips so that you can perform better in these types of situations.

Get to the site early. While the camera has automatic functions, these are generally not perfectly suited to what we want. For this reason, to photograph at social events, you must first examine the place to determine the types of lighting, the most convenient settings to frame and the details that can serve to remember that day to the guests. For example, at a wedding, there are many objects that serve as a reference.

Portraits in the first moments. We already know how finished one can be at the end of a meeting! That is why one of the recommendations for photographing at social events is that if you are going to take portraits (it is recommended that you do so), you do them specifically in the first moments of the party. If possible, kindly ask permission from newly entered guests to take their photo. Remember that you should not capture just one photo. Try at least three so you can choose later.

Examine the guests. To photograph in social events, it is necessary that you walk around the place constantly, since in this way you will be able to notice the interactions and personalities of the people. Thus, it will be easier for you to predict their actions and more appropriately frame the little girl who eats the “frosting” of the cake or the friend who will surely be the first to have a drink.

Aperture priority. This camera shooting mode will be useful for shooting at social events, as the camera will automatically program the aperture according to the shutter speed you choose. That is, according to the course of the activities or movements of the people, you can program the camera to have more or less light at convenient times.

Shallow depth of field Play a lot with this tool if you want to play with the opening yourself. When we talk about photographing events, we are talking about photographing progressive moments. To capture a particular scene, it is always good to use a small depth of field.

Now you will know how to start when photographing events. The most important thing is that you do not run with any extra pressure and that in a natural way, you can use your photographic equipment. Success!