Talking to some of our former readers about what they would change if they remarried, we discovered that many of them always think about the subject of your big day photos , either because they didn’t know how to pose, or because they felt they had no connection to their photographer, but many of them think they wasted too much time on the wedding photographs and end up with the impression that they could have enjoyed their wedding much more , if they had had a faster or better planned photoshoot.

That said, at weddings sometimes you have to work against the clock and it is important to manage the times in the best way to get the most out of them! ” 

The 5 tips for having a flash wedding session are:

Know well the place where the event will take place

Do a previous scouting to be clear about the key places for the photos, the direction of the light at the time the session will be, the flow or passage of people outside the wedding, the possible obstacles that may arise for the session, etc. . In this way, both the photographer and you will be prepared for any unforeseen event and will not waste time looking for or settling in the ideal place.

Have a list of the people who will take a photo with the bride and groom

Normally the wedding session takes place after the ceremony and almost always in addition to the wedding session, you want to take some photos with your closest friends or family, this is where you can waste a lot of time trying to organize people and putting shifts. What I recommend is to have a list with the groups of people who will take photos with the couple and follow it to the letter to speed up the process and thus be able to release the couple as soon as possible and have them back in time for the party !

Know how to deal with the unforeseen

As in any situation, attitude is the most important thing. There are things that are out of our hands but learning to deal with them in a positive way can streamline the process. Many times more time is wasted in controlling an annoyance or discussing an issue than in solving it assertively. So it is always better to have a positive attitude and accept that not everything can always be perfect.

Trusting your photographer is key

Ideas and suggestions are always welcome, all photographers are open to them, but you have to trust the creative thinking of the photographer so that everything flows. Of course you can have a prior appointment with your photographer and comment on the photographs that are essential for you or the shots that you would like to have, but you must trust him, precisely for that you are hiring a professional, who will surely know how to detect the strengths to explode and he will know how to guide you to have the wedding photos with which you always dreamed.

Have fun and enjoy!

It is your wedding, it lasts only a few hours and it will not be repeated! The photos should reflect your happiness and the love that is in the air. So dedicate yourself to enjoying and living to the fullest that day. Your happiness will surely be reflected in the final work and the photos will be incredible.